One Perfect Summer at Dorset

Hey there wild cats! Dream Rock here,

As you know, I have been spending time with my family. My Sis is about to come from Cambridge (soo very proud of her!) and recently, I’ve started to notice the different things people do in order to achieved their willing desire. A person would be ready to kill in order to accomplish and reach their goals. I started reading a book that I started getting really attached to at  moments. I simply couldn’t take my mind of it! One Perfect Summer — this is a book about two very inspiring teens, both aged 18 that fall madly in love and experience real love for the very first time. They spent an incredible amount of time together that it’s a real shame to split them. Unfortunately, time and distance can do a lot for people who can’t manage their own love life!

I’ve spoken to many who believe that love is always complicated and that there is nothing to be done about that. Hey, but I feel this pity for them because they don’t seem to know what they are saying. I mean of course love is hard at times, everything is! But the thought of nothing to be done about it makes me laugh (and a little concerned)! XD  People are together for a reason! Duhh! They love each other! They can’t stand a second without one another. There is absolutley nothing you can do to ruin that because their love for each other is stronger than anything!  Honestly, people who really love each other  would be capable of handling any sort of distance.

It quite surprises me that a large number of people don’t see the fact that they are the ones who cause all of these “complications” .  All this, just by not paying attention to what comes out of their mouths! What a catch right!? Hey! But not to spoil as much, I’d like you to read it too! Although, the fact that neither of the two soulemates can’t imagine life with out one another, and yet still grow apart over the smallest possible distance, still really surprises me! I constantly ask myself, how can people be so sure that they love someone to that extend and then in the end some crisis occurs that they break-apart. Personally, I don’t think people should act the way that they do because in that way they end something so meaningful to them that later on causes regrets to both. My advise to you, never promise anything, to anyone until you are absolutely 100% sure of who or what you are about to give your promise to. 🙂

Well, ladies and gents I sure hope you decide to read it, if you do I guarantee that you’ll enjoy! Well more if but ehh! XD I’m off to go read it again and hope a movie comes out soon! I bet you guys wanna cuddle up too!!! XD We both know you deserve it. 😉

You know you love me,


Dream Rock



Fashion Senses

Hey there wild cats! Dream Rock here.

The new fashion trends are finally here! 2017 here we come! Ladies and gentlemen, it is about time to blow everyone’s minds up just by dressing up properly! I simply cannot look at people straight when mixing 5 different colors together (no offense)!

Joke on a side!

Just think how embarrassing that may be when walking right beside you XD. Hey, but that’s nothing to worry about! That’s why experts are here 😉 :

Here are some Victoria Secret TOP models, wearing the most incredible outfits that I’ve ever seen! That I love so much!!! You have to admit they are absolutely gorg!

If you guys would like to order they have up to 50% of discount and trust me you won’t regret it! I got two bikini pairs this Tuesday and now I just cannot wait until summer!

One of my big aims for the future is to create my own designs as I’d really like to see other people’s reactions towards it. I feel the extra need to express myself in so many creative ways that I simply don’t know where to begin! Sure hope I’d get support 🙂 Although, as I say those are dreams that I’m willing to push till they reaches my own expectations. And boy they are high! 🙂

Speaking of summer it’s my favorite season of the year, I simply cannot go one day without the morning summer breeze, the beautiful sun sets at the end of each blissful day! Every day is spent with such joy! Also a certain time that you may use to bond, create new friendships and etc. Looks like we’ll be waiting for summer quite some time now fellas, be prepared when it strikes! XD!


You know you love me! 😉

Dream Rock.

The Nature of Inspirations!

Hey there Wild Cats,  Dream Rock here.

I’ve often thought about the wonderful idea of getting inspired by others and from that point on get to inspire others in return! Different people have different kinds of inspirations/motivations and basically anything that brings their joy to a higher level!   People who tend to get inspired a lot by others are very likely to succeed in practically anything that they set their mind to. The power of inspiring and motivating is just fascinating! The way inspiration gets to me every time I’m in a bad mood, it just encourages you to move on, no matter what you’ve been through. The way I see it, it is there to guide you and return yourself confidence.

I find inspiring others incredible as I myself was inspired by Selena Gomez, an artist who I very much idolize! It’s just that moment when you find your self connected to that particular person and in way changes your way of thinking, acting etc. In my case this is a person who I feel attached to and am capable to go in a sort of direction that aims towards self-improvement! As you follow your idols, you get to know every part of their lives what they do, how they act, what they go through in live everything. As you follow them you learn things that they particularly  did wrong and in a way try not to make those mistakes. If they did something good it gives you the motivation and the wish to do something as great as that!That way you put yourself higher standards and later on achieve them! ❤



You would be surprised how much you can learn by others rather then yourself! ❤ One thing  I’ve learned from  idolizing such an incredible person is the way how to treat yourself, never anyone around defeat you, make you feel unpleasant etc.. Mainly, I’ve learned to have faith in everything that tends to face me. I’ve learned to dream, experience and most important of all to always be thankful for what I’ve got, cause God knows where you’ll be tomorrow, you have to fight for yourself. Inspiring others is the way to improve others and at the same time yourself. Amazing right!:) I’m thinking how wonderful it has to be to inspire so many people at a day, to change many lives and in a very positive way. The world would surly be a better place! 🙂 I’m thinking I wanna inspire people like that too some day.  I’d like to do so by presenting what I love and do best (sing,act, dance, model etc)! I’m not saying it should be easy, but I’m absolutely going to give it a try! After all they don’t call me a dreamer for nothing XD.  Keep in mind how great you would feel after people learned something from you. It takes one word to change everything, so you better be careful! XD.I would definitely recommend you to do the same, go after your dreams, make them possible and who knows you may end up inspiring someone after-all! 🙂

You know you love me,



Dream Rock


Hey there wild cats! Dream Rock here.

Previously, we’ve been talking about the power of influencing each other to that extent, that it leads to us becoming different/better people.:) However, the topic that I’d be talking about is the known Popularity that tends to impress people that surround us.

Now, I know what you’re all assuming! Like what could possibly be so interesting about being popular. I actually find it incredible! The way people charm others in the sense that what ever that particular popular person does, becomes a certain trend which people tend to follow. It inspires them to be so creative in practically anything that they do.When you are popular, you have the certain feeling of power and enrichment that no matter what you do, people are always there to look up to you and support you in anything. They won’t judge, in fact try to act like you which shouldn’t be the case unless they don’t learn things from you! I often learn from other peoples experiences and that in a way encourages me not repeat the mistakes of many! For example, lets say you found your self in a situation in which your boyfriend is talking to this other girl and for instance you assume that he plans an affair, when really that isn’t the case! I’d be so embarrassed if that we’re me in that particular situation!

However, when it comes to actually being popular, there are many who tend to misbehave. I’ve seen so many act as if they’re in a way better than others, and they tend to bring people down because of them not being popular and etc. Honestly, I’d rather have one perfect friend than be in a squad with people who are completely out of control. Everyone is perfect in their own, unique way. The fact that people think they’re better than others just proves how full of themselves they are. That doesn’t get you anywhere but in such a path that leads to failure. Popularity shouldn’t be part of such drama. I myself was surrounded with those particular people, and the only thing it made me feel was the emptiness that they must carry inside of their poor souls!  

I think a lot about what you have to do in order to be popular. When you’re popular you are known to have groups of friends. It actually makes you gain self confidence which lots of people nowadays tend to lack. Being popular also means that you may never end up alone no matter what you do! Being popular such as celebrities who often have over millions of fans that really support them throughout their lives as artists. It takes full responsibility to be part of such popularity as in where ever you go you are 100% of the time followed. Everything you do would certainly get noticed by others and posted on various of social medias! I mean isn’t that crazy!


Who knows, maybe some day you could be as popular as such people.:) The beauty of it is making others around you feel good!

You know you love me



Dream Rock.

Power of Influencing One-Another!

Hey there upper easy-side rs, Dream Rock here,

Recently, I’ve been think about how different people interact with one another and how those people tend to change us as people. What do I mean by “us as people”? Those people are capable of controlling us, changing the way we think and even the way we behave. Take it from this perspective in which you have teens in a relationship about 17-18, male – female. The guy is into cars, sports,  a streets kind of guy and not much of a school type. You may say a real bad-ass! On the other hand, you have the girl, she’s all into music-theater, fashion, getting a degree to a certain college, a real goody! Suppose they have absolutely different characteristics, and yet a miracle brings them together. The amount of time they spend together will influence the way they act towards one another in the sense that either he would become a goody like her, or she this bad-ass kid, like him. Love is crazy right! You never know what to expect! But the surprising thing that always gets me is how far a person is willing to go for something or someone who truly inspires them. So I believe that all those people have so much courage and take so many risks just to reach their goals! Sometimes I feel like I need the amount of courage to get me ready for what’s about to come next. Those are the times when you just feel confused, not knowing whether you’re doing the right thing or if you’re entering the right kind of path. My advise to you, don’t let that one person change you unless you are absolutely sure that, that person influences you in a positive way. Therefore, you will probably look for the type of person that would bring joy to you every time you see him/her. A person that would do almost anything to be by your side. A kind of person who sees every side that you hold: when you laugh, when you’re sad, mad or even the times in which you get super emotional and no matter what, you may always count on him because you know that he cares! 💘 All in all, that’s true love for ya!

Speaking of true love, it always finds its way. If you would want to make a good impression on someone, you’ve only got a few minutes to do so. It has far more to do with the way you express your body language, tone, as well as the speed of your voice rather than exactly what you say. Keep in mind that love is also pretty addictive, meaning that once you’re in a true relationship, you would be so attracted to it that you would just start looking for more. Being in love is a beautiful feeling that I have every day. I find it very inspiring! Don’t forget that the best kind of love is the one in which you truly make others happy. 🙂 Kinda what you learn from getting presents, It’s always better to give rather than get! My advise, always be open-minded, think wisely! Always be yourself and never give up on your dreams!


Now, I have a question for you, Have you ever been in love, and How did that influence you? 🙂 Feel free to comment and answer these questions :). Speaking of love, I’m always in a mood for some good romantic movies and I must recommend you to watch one of my fave movies in the world (Three Meters Above Sky). Now, some of you might have watched it, the movie is on Spanish. However, there are subtitles in every language.

 Love is always in the air!

Well, you know you love me,


xoxo Dream Rock.

PS: Here’s a little hint on what comes next: Got to do with idealizing! 😉

Gossip Girl!

Hey there upper east-siders, DreamRock here,

Recently we’ve spoke about the wonderful fact of dreaming. Now ladies and gentlemen I’d like you to step forward to the most amazing tv-show of the 21st century, Gossip-Girl. Now, I know what you’re all thinking, it’s crazy right, what could possibly be good about this Gossip-Girl we’re hinting on, but let me stop you there. The tv-show is all about people that have a certain goal.Now the reason why I chose to talk about this one is because it’s a perfect example of the people today. It’s all about what others do, every single thing that you do is noticed by others. Take it from this perspective, in which you have people posting certain pictures on their social medias exposing what they do, where they’re at, etc.. This is to make others notice them and often people comment while others just view. However, some may gossip, others may try to copy or even try to be better etc… But every time a person posts it shows their own unique message which he/she is willing for others to receive. If a guy posts himself with couple of guy friends around, people might as well think he is his own man!

 Each person has a goal and a reason for posting the usual posts. They tend to want others to notice them. The truth is, your noticed by every step you make. There are always people wanting your attention and the best thing you can do is give them all the attention wanted, because it shows the good personalities that make you better people. All in all, I get why people tend to do that, it’s also just another way of expressing who you truly are.

The tv-show has many characteristics, contains certain amount of love scenes that you may enjoy and is definitely going to open your minds about soo many topics that you may never really thought of up to the point when you actually watch it! I definitely recommend you guys to watch it’s absolutely fantastic!

Well upper-east siders, I don’t know about you but I feel like cuddling up on to my sofa and making myself the good, old hot-chocolate while watching the “best” tv-show in the century. Christmas is just around the corner!

You know you love me,


xoxo, DreamRock


Follow your dreams

Hey there wild cats, Dream Rock here! So last post was just a brief introduction of myself. However, I haven’t yet told you may name. My real name is Tatjana and I’m a huge dreamer! People call me Dream-Rock, as it is also my user name on Instagram, which you are free to follow(dreamerrock14) :).

We all have dreams, although not all of us can achieve them. The question is why? Have you ever felt like your entire body is under pressure? The feeling of exploding because you’re doing something that you really care about and you don’t want that moment when it happens that you fail. People are scared of taking the risk because they have in mind the possibility of failing, even if there is like 90% that they will succeed. What people do is they put themselves in the worst possible position in which they completely under-estimate themselves. 

However, I am a person who dreams big. I am a type of person who is really into music. I sing, I act, I dance, I perform. Right now, my goal is to enter a “college” that is all about the known performing arts, and go for a 100% scholarship. My point is you should never be afraid of who you are. The ability to pursed your dream, takes no fear. Don’t be afraid of doing what you love! Take it as an advantage, making it the best thing someone will ever see!

  I love every part of my skills, and I want to use them to make others happy including the part in which I fulfill myself for doing what I love the best. My aim is to bring love in the air. To bring back the good old days that make us who we are. To make others re-connect, to attract new people and to make us feel the love we used to share with people that we love and loved the most! Sometimes I question everything, asking myself where is all this non-sense coming from? I met so many people that claim its almost impossible to achieve such dreams! So I ask them why they believe in such things, they tell me how they believe it can never become part of their lives no matter how much they wished it to. But honestly, you will never know unless you don’t try.  If you know you enjoy at doing something, then why bother stopping from what you love doing? My advise to you is that you have to believe in your self, no matter what, never give up. 

Don’t let others bring you down, take your skills, work hard on them to make them even better and live them! With lots of love, passion, desire and commitment you will be able to master! Have faith, don’t take no for an answer. In fact, there are so many great celebs in this world, like Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Zac Efronn much more, who have went through so much, just to be on the position in which they are! With such success and all the popularity it makes you think what amazing people they must be! To tell you the truth it is really hard to be one of them. What matters is not one of them ever quit and look where that got them! At the end of the day, all you really want is to feel good for the success you’ve made for your self and the amount of people you made happy that day and its all just by doing your own thing :)!
All in all, be who you are, dream big, believe and it all comes.

Dreams are made to be lead. Who knows, some day even you could be as wonderful as the Great people around us and turn it into something that everyone wants to see! Once you did that people look up to you and say: “Hey that’s the person i used to hang out with he/she was such an amazing friend” and etc. This is also why it is important to be a good person. Treat others the way you would like to be treated!

Well, you know you love me! XD. 

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Hey there wild cats! This is a new blog and it’s all about the life we all live in! When I say we I mean  mainly me :). I’d be talking about my personal beliefs, opinions on practically anything, also i hope you guys can relate to each and every one of the topics that I’d be presenting. If you want me to talk about a certain topic, feel free to say so in the comments below :). I hope you fellas are interested in the word reality, cause that’s all I’m about to write about. The topics of this blog are mainly regarding, the facts of what makes us who we are. This blog will have many interesting topics as I’m even going for talking about TV-shows, daily gossips, celebrities and my personal view of everything that surrounds me(us). My goal is to try and inspire you, making people happy is one of my favorite missions as well as to try to make you connected to my beliefs in the way that it gets to you. That would be it for my first post. 🙂 Just so you know, I will do everything it takes to get to you! Wont stop till i get to the top XD! At least that’s what most say! 🙂 However, the first topic which will be my one of my favorites, will be all about dreams and making them become real!

See ya wild cats! Always dream! Please support!

Remember chase your dreams!

You know, you love me

HASHTAG Dream Rock!

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